A few words about us

Since before dial-up and the Internet, 1988 to be exact, we have been installing and servicing business communication systems in Atanta.

Because Nortel phone systems have been so reliable many businesses still use them, still need service and when necessary reponsive service if an issue should arise. That is why we are here. We service and support Nortel business phone systems.

“Your business phone system can be either an expense or it can be a revenue generator... ”

Our mission

Wading through the waters of VoIP technologies can make you wonder what VoIP phone or phone system is best for your business. We can help you transition through those waters to a level of understanding all while keeping the financial resources in your pocket!

The consultation is free and because we believe the experience you receive will be great enough that we will earn your business right from the start.

Placing the tools that your staff needs into thier hands makes your business more efficient and keeps the money in your budget for other expenses.

Our vision

To educate where needed, plan, implement and support your business phone needs.

Because of the years of support we have provided to our clients, we know that our clients have budget constraits. Our job is to find and locate areas of over-spending that fund the telecommunications necessary to have and keep a working telephone system solution.

Is your business phone system an expense or a revenue generator?

Without Telcom Intelligence, significant dollars are wasted in most business environments.

When was the last time your business phone bill was audited? Are you over-provisioned? Are you spending too much? If someone hacked into your phone system, would you be alerted? These are just a few of the questions we ask and there solutions our there that will fit the needs of your business.

With a little effort we can turn the direction from what you currently are lacking into something more intelligent and with the resources that are easy to use.

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