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Having a flexible work-from-home solution outside of the office is wise planning on your part and critical in today's world. It only takes the next disruption of Interstate access, pandemic outbreak or employee necessity to disrupt the access to and from an office or the ability to work.

The largest investment in any business is the people who work within it, either inside the office or at remote locations. Rather than burden employees with travel to and from an office, invest back into the lives of the very ones you need and that will grow your business. Your employees won't mind less wear and tear on vehicles and although they might miss the long commutes, that creative energy they expense to and from work you'll probably benefit from.

If that is you, we definitely have the right solution for you. We provide solutions that allow you to flexibly communicate outside the office while keeping control of the communications necessary to interact between employees.

We also will deliver service to site as needed to replace broken or malfuctioning hardware, run wires to new cubicles and be the communications consultant you need in a growing business.

If you would rather have a managed PBX, we make it simple, affordable and deliver all the difference in keeping your business moving forward.

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10 must-have office
      phone system features

1. Remote Office / Home Office Connectivity One of the major features that attract numerous clients towards VoIP technology is the ability to establish the telephone inter-connection between locations and to remote workers. No need to get separate numbers, replace carrier commitements or business disruption. It's rather simple to establish remote capabilities without replacing the entire phone system.
2. Texting Reciept and Replies
Today's communications require the ability to receive and reply. What makes this feature such an added bonus is that customers, vendors and associates all expect you to not only be recieving them, but wait for replies too.
3. Unlimited & Secure IM / Group Channels
Chat and collaborate with everyone on your own PRIVATE and secure chat server.
4. Unified Communcations / Presence
5. Multi-person, multi-location, 24/7/365 conference room
Teams, work-mates, or the whole organization can get together from anywhere and share ideas, share thoughts, and share files in project or team rooms. And when needed, anyone or everyone can setup, initiate, and host voice conference calls with the sophisticated InfinityOne voice handling capabilities.
6. File Sharing
Having the ability to transfer the very file you are talking about, while on the phone is just another bonus but a much needed feature.
7. Presence
Step away from the phone for a meeting or much needed break, notify everyone in the office that you have. No more wasted time placing calls to unattended desk locaitons.
8. Personal User Portal for Everyone
Change those personal settings without the need for feature codes and buttons that could be used for better purposes.
9. Group Paging
A lost feature in most voip platforms, but a very necessary one for an active office.
10. Call Recording
If you have ever had an issue where a customer lost it, this is the feature to have.

With the mobility of users, calls are often transfered outside of the immediate system. But because it transfered through the system you also have a record of the call.

Every phone call creates a path of intelligence for your business. That pathway leads you to informed choices that can drive or change the direction of your business. One thing for sure is that the data will keep you armed with the information to make the choice.

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Integrated Mobility
Presence & Team Management

You won't run your business with information. Nor will you run a business with only part of a communications solution. From your office, using a desk phone, or from ANYWHERE in the world.

However you have learned to depend on your Nortel Phone System for decades and there is not a need to discard what works. Using what has already proven to work is wise. So use what works and build upon it. A simple addition can operate completely independent of your existing voice system (PBX, KSU, etc). This means that a simple upgrade will allow remote users to make calls to and from the services you already have and bridges to money saving options such as SIP trunk connections . Later on when you want to, you can completely replace what no longer works in you existing voice system.

If you are still calling in for voice mail messages, you need to consider change. Voice mail messages are sent to your email. No more waiting for messages. Important calls are no longer left unnoticed or worse yet aren't responded to because they aren't noticed.

You simply can not be at your desk all the time and new system features allow you to take that call anywhere and everywhere. Find-Me Follow-Me features enable the call to ring both your desk telephone and your cellphone. Once answered, you could transfer them back into the phone system as needed.

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Interested in replacing your existing telephone system?

Good news. We sell phone systems too. You can still keep your current telephones saving you lots of money, add new Cisco or Yealink voip telephones or even combine multiple locations through the cloud. The new platform keeps the features you have grown to love and adds added features of mobility and twinning. So you can get the modern features you want, keep your investment giving you a return and move your business forward.

The cost is less than you might think.
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The right phone system, the right vendor

Your business communications are the heart beat of your business.

Because your business communications are so important, you would not want to have a part-time provider that only knows you have an issue when you call them would you?

Since 1988 we have installed, serviced and provided business telephone systems in and around the heart of Georgia. From Lawrenceville, to Stockbridge, Stone Mountain to Marietta or Alpharetta and Atlanta too, Nortel Atlanta has remained vigilant providing services in around businesses just like yours.

Want to be out of the phone system repair business?

We have good news for you, we do that. So if you don't want another repair bill for any phone related issue again, we can take that responsibility on.

With our Managed PBX Services we'll provide the system, program it as directed and have the staff that specializes in the products we provide. No more paying the IT staff to learn voip business phones at your expense. At Nortel Atlanta, we are more than just talk.

Users contact us, not the IT support staff.

You need and you want to focus on your business needs. Not the phone system and training needs of phone users. That is why our managed PBX includes the needed training and support for the employees.

When you hire new employees, we set them up and train them how to use the system. When an employee has the tools to work, they are more efficient and productive. Which in turn allows you to focus on your business.

A better communications solution

A one-stop local solutions company, that is us. Having more than 25 years experience in the sales, maintenance and service of small to large business communications solutions we can say that we have the expertise to face any type of complicated telecom challenge. If you are a company looking for a new business telephone system, we can provide the products and competitive pricing you are looking for in Nortel products and accessories. We have extensive knowledge of all other telephone systems as well and available today. Give us a call today for a quote on the products and services that you are looking for.