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Nortel CICS

Nortel ICS Systems

Nortel's Compact Integrated Communications System family of business phone systems are still reliable, feature-rich business phone system. The ICS line of business phone systems have a proven track record of reliable phone capabilities. The Basic CICS supports between 4 to 8 incoming lines and from 8 to 24 extensions.

You may have purchased your system several years ago and may want to consider a system upgrade. If that is the case, there is a migration path to a new phone system cabinet that emails your voice mail messages, offers Find-Me Follow-Me call forwarding and allows you to keep your phones.

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Nortel MICS

Nortel MICS

Nortel's Modular Integrated Communications System, also known as the 0x32 is modular in design and expands to 272 ports of various configurations.

Voice mail platforms can vary with this product. From earlier versions of the Nortel NAM, Nortel Flash to the newer Call Pilot Voice Mail Systems, the Modular ICS phone system has the ability to provide your business quality communications for the next several years.

We continue to be your one-stop local solutions company. Having more than 25 year experience in the maintenance and service of Nortel business telephone systems.

Nortel BCM

Nortel BCM 50

The Business Communications Manager platform is an all-in-one, affordable solution for converged voice and data communications and is ideal for your business. Nortel's Business Communications Manager provides advanced capabilities in features, voice messaging and unified messaging, IP networking, Internet access, contact centers, mobility solutions and IP telephony. With an easy-to-use and highly flexible architecture, the Business Communications Manager enables your business to benefit from convergence capabilities that were previously only available to much larger organizations.

Nortel's Business Communications Manager (BCM) interfaces with other platforms to offer voice mail, e-mail to Outlook, as well as other applications for a converged platform.

Nortel Upgrade

Interested in upgrading your existing telephone system?

Good news. Keep your existing telephones and the features you love, and upgrade the core with a new business telephone system that has all the VoIP features you may have heard about. We need an hour meeting for design discussion, a few hours of installation tonight and tomorrow morning your employees could be in training with the new system. It's that simple.

The cost is less than you might think.
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How to find the right phone system for you

Your business communications are the heart beat of your business.

When you need a specialist, you don't subscribe that heart-beat to a part-time provider would you?

Since 1988 we have installed, serviced and provided business telephone systems in and around the heart of Georgia. From Lawrenceville, to Stockbridge, Stone Mountain to Marietta or Alpharetta and Atlanta too, Nortel Atlanta remained active in providing services in around businesses just like yours.

Want to be out of the phone system repair business?

We have good news for you, we do that. So if you don't want another repair bill for any phone related issue again, we can take that responsibility on.

With our Managed PBX Services we'll provide the system, program it as directed and have the staff that specializes in the products we provide. No more paying the IT staff to learn voip business phones at your expense. At Nortel Atlanta, we are more than just talk.

Wonder if you are overpaying for services?

Almost every company overpays for services and do not realize it. So if you wonder if you do, don't just assume your telephone and Internet bill is accurate because you probably are. So if it has been a while since your last audit or if you never have had one, we can help. Our fees are simple, what we can save you in three months is the fee that we charge for the audit. You keep the rest of the year savings.

If we do not save you anything, it's free and on us.

A better communications solution

A one-stop local solutions company, that is us. Having more than 25 years experience in the sales, maintenance and service of small to large business communications solutions we can say that we have the expertise to face any type of complicated telecom challenge. If you are a company looking for a new business telephone system, we can provide the products and competitive pricing you are looking for in Nortel products and accessories. We have extensive knowledge of all other telephone systems as well and available today. Give us a call today for a quote on the products and services that you are looking for.