Providing service and support
on Nortel telephone systems,
and Service Always!

Nortel Business Telephone System Services

Phone Installation

We provide office cabling, telephone system installation or simple upgrades as you go.

We also provide service and support on Nortel's voice mail message system known as the Nortel Call Pilot voice messaging voice mail system which is critical to a businesses ability to communicate.

Phone System Upgrades

did you know that by changing to VoIP lines might actually decrease your phone bill? Ask us how.

If you are considering an upgrade in the near future, we'd love to show you why we are the best option for that upgrade. We provide proven solutions that may actually save you money and installed and serviced by a team of individuals that are dedicated to that support.

Adds, Moves & Changes

We provide many of the services to support your business including the adds, changes and moves needed to support your business.

Atlanta Nortel System Support is critical for your business. As your needs change we are here to support you here in Atlanta and the surrounding metro Atlanta area on your Nortel Business Systems.

If you are considering upgrading your telephone system, we have the right solutions for any size business. For over 35 years of service and support in the business telephone marketplace we understand the importance of quick, responsive and support needed in the changing needs of growing businesses.

From the proper design, professional installation and responsive repair team to the after installation knowledgeable support staff, we are here to support your business needs.

Carriers often provide a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to business communications. We not only have multiple carriers that we can recommend a solution with, but we then take on the roll of carrier management. although we don't sell everything, we do specialize in more communication services than you might realize at first glance. One thing we will not compromise on however is service. We provide... Service Always.

No longer just...
  a telephone system

The ability for your employees to be able to communicate is critical in today's business world. How easy is it for users to communicate to your customers, vendors and associates? Nortel products are designed to do just that, allow you to communicate.

Better yet, we can show you ways to improve your business functionality and productivity. with a little time invested, we can show you how to save both time and money.

No longer just...
  a message center

The delivery of messages is probably the 2nd most important means of communications that lead to profitability using a phone system. Nortel's Business Communications Manager (BCM) interfaces with other platforms to offer voice mail, e-mail to Outlook, as well as other applications for a converged platform.

Nortel Telephone System Upgrade

Managed PBX & Upgrades

Nortel introduced effective business telephone systems that remain affordable, expandable, reliable, and Upgradeable. When your business needs it, Nortel Business Phone Systems will deliver and continue to carry the load. As your business needs change so does the Business Communication Manager (BCM) platform.

If you are at a point where you need something new, we can make the migration path a Simple & Cost-effective VoIP migration.


We Also Service Other Major Business Telephone Systems Too!